Gradients of Nature

Sometimes the colors we see across nature have a defined contrast. Other times, one color flows slowly and methodically into another, where you can’t tell where one stops and another ends. And in this effortless transition are a thousand shades in-between—a gradual effect that’s approachable, beautiful, and human.

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Going for Gold

Leland Awarded SCS Indoor Advantage GOLD Certification – Indoor Advantage Gold certification is SCS Global Services’ highest level of indoor air quality performance for furniture.

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Better Together

Today, people working from home are discovering a certain level of tranquility, fewer interruptions, and perhaps even more productivity. And yet being together – all under the same roof – has very positive business outcomes. As humans, we’re wired for social interaction, which is also a powerful driver of innovation and brand culture.

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Find Your Element with Omena

There’s something about the outside world that opens our senses and welcomes us all. And it’s something we’ve captured with Omena.

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Moving Forward Together

Today the common purpose involves both the project and a heightened respect for personal space. Leland is offering smart, quick, low-cost solutions to inject flexibility, autonomy, and the sense of safety, while keeping spaces dynamic and flexible.

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See Your Future with CET Designer

At Leland, we’re always exploring modern ways to make things better. It’s true for our products, and also the way people purchase them. That’s why we’re proud to offer a CET Designer Extension, free to our customers.

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Colorful Collaboration

What happens when you need a textile that’s as colorful as your vision? You call on Camira Fabrics. At least that’s what we did when we needed coordinating textiles for our Harmonics collection.

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A Chorus of Color – Leland Harmonics

At Leland we’ve always been confident about color. In fact, we’ve fully embraced it

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Introducing The Handy Stool – The Story Behind the Design

At Leland, we believe enduring design starts with understanding the world around us and that’s exactly how the process for Handy Stool began.

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Embracing Simplicity with The Back Bench

A 2018 Introduction for Leland International, Back Bench, designed by Burkhard Vogther, embraces simplicity

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Leah Tables Overhead

Inspiration: A Springtime Rain

Every piece of Leland furniture comes with a story, an inspiration. The essence of the Leah table? A springtime rain. We sat down with designer Bruce Sienkowski to learn more about his design.

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Choosing Materials

A Mid-Century Revival

Behind every design is the drive to create something timeless, something that gets better

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