The design team at Altherr Désile Park were inspired by the possibility of modernizing the tractor seat typology.  Since its introduction nearly 200 years ago the cast-iron tractor seat has typically been re-imagined in solid lumber that is highly shaped and limited in seating position.

Baraga is a contemporary expression of that typology by virtue of its gentle curves and generous seat formed in plywood and recycled PET felt.  A foundational material in modern furniture designs of the past half-century, plywood expresses modernity in its exposed edges, rich woodgrain, and curved forms.

In addition to the wood choices of oak and walnut, PET Felt was added in the form of a solid pressed molded seat as a sustainable and textile option.

Baraga is named for the port on Lake Michigan where early voyagers stopped to rest and survey their surroundings. This new stool affords a similarly great place to perch for a moment’s respite.


The Geometry of Comfort

The architecturally minimal base showcases the seat's gently organic and inviting shape. Available in three heights, with many powder-coat color options for this base, and in combination with the oak, walnut, and felt seats, Baraga’s contemporary aesthetic can be easily adapted to a wide range of interior expressions be they sleek, industrial, or rustic.