One of Leland’s top-selling chairs is getting a new infusion of color. The color revision of Amadeus – a simple, versatile stacking chair – leans heavily into the American story—the landscapes and landmarks that echo American Modernism.

From the charm of a classic diner to the vast openness of endless county highways, Amadeus captures the optimism and possibility that is felt in the American journey.

The six new color in the revision include: Blue Sky, Fog, Fawn, Seafoam, Habanero, and Dijon. “We saw that the places Amadeus could go were very much all over the map,” said Nigel Scott-Williams, Business Development Officer at Leland International. “A boundless energy that popped up or touched down in a wide variety of places, and we followed our curiosities.”

“The range of colors speak to that wanderlust and desire for discovery,” said Altherr Désile Park, who led the color selection and creative direction for the project.


Built to exceed a 500-lb. test, Amadeus is elegant and optimistic—a welcoming character for areas like cafeterias or informal meeting rooms. Being stackable and lightweight, it can also bring a friendly tone to larger conference rooms, perfect for educational and corporate spaces or hospitality. Amadeus joins Leland’s Slam chair, which also had a recent color revision done byAltherr Désile Park.

Collection Design by Martin Ballendat, Color revision by Altherr Désile Park