The Process Behind the Gemma Collection

Gemma was created from a broader desire to open a new path for Leland, and the design process fulfilled that desire from the start. Numerous models and prototypes were built over months to arrive at a collection infused with design and personality in every curve, angle, surface, and color.

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The Softer Side of Gemma

Ideal for low-key spaces, the Gemma Stitch Lounge Chair is architectural softness, defined for today.

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A New Edge on Surfaces

Functional and versatile. Effortless and easy to use. Delightfully welcoming in every way.

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Ode to Oak

Available in natural and black, the Gemma Collection’s oak veneer is naturally warm, haptic, and relaxed.

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Color on Birch

Our organic palette was inspired by elements of nature. And birch is just the wood to make it pop.

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Leah Tables Overhead

Inspiration: A Springtime Rain

Every piece of Leland furniture comes with a story, an inspiration. The essence of the Leah table? A springtime rain. We sat down with designer Bruce Sienkowski to learn more about his design.

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