Functional and versatile. Effortless and easy to use. Delightfully welcoming in every way.

Right for any occasion.

Whether it’s charging a laptop or sipping a cocktail, more is happening in lounge spaces where people retreat for work, conversation, or entertainment. And the Gemma Collection Occasional Tables are there, encouraging them to plug in or unplug completely.

“Gemma Table was conceived as an easy fit – aesthetically and functionally – for lounge and transitional spaces. Eased edges, color variety, leg options, plus a technologically capable totem base make Gemma Table functional, friendly, and effortlessly adaptable.”

- Altherr Désile Park, Creator of the Gemma Collection

“We think of furniture as the interface between the people and the architecture. Making objects more human. You don’t see the machinery, just the humanity.”

–  Altherr Désile Park

Technology that feels soft.

Technology can often feel hard and non-human. But the Gemma Collection is soft and intuitive. The totem option has USB power, but carefully wrapped into the design. And the height-adjustable version raises to comfortable heights, meeting a person – or people – in the moment.


Created by Altherr Désile Park for Leland, the Gemma Collection stands out with personable elegance and optimistic flair. Bigger than a specific inspiration, Gemma was created from a broader desire to open a new path for Leland, keeping mid-century American values of optimism, expressiveness, and industrial experimentation as a foundation, while looking towards the future.