Over time, the colors we see shift to reflect current preferences and trends.

Because while some colors endure forever, others force a return to the drawing board. And that’s what Leland’s done with Brand New Classics—making the old feel new again.

Our new collection of finishes spans five products. The colors add a new elegance to their utility and a sophistication that comes from being more muted and understated.

It’s a perspective that sparked a rediscovery of our best sellers, so that we could share them with you.

Borrowing from the best of nature – from the forest to the water, Marquette boasts some of the richest and most glorious hues. Deep, cool, soothing.

M2 boasts plain geometry, presenting itself as a billboard for a particular finish. When painted, the surface becomes beacon of accent for any room.

For environments where diners are gathered, Café Parfait serves up a new color range that lends itself to both pastels and brights.

Parfait II borrows the best of Café Parfait, then adds the benefit of a larger seat and the mobility of casters. Form and function—in a forest of colors.

Like eye candy for a room, the sweetly inspired Patisserie series offers dramatic silhouettes, an understated ripple of wood, or playful shapes.