What happens when you need a textile that’s as colorful as your vision? You call on Camira Fabrics. At least that’s what we did when we needed coordinating textiles for our Harmonics collection.

The fabrics are true reflections of Harmonic’s vivid wood grains, and coordinates come in nine eye-catching colors inspired by Leland's finishes: Soda Red, Tangerine, Limelight, Ice Blue, Caribbean, Arctic, Ink, Dolphin, and Oxford. Each one is pre-approved and graded-in.

“We didn’t want to make this program just about Leland finishes, we know that our product is only one part of an overall design”, said Mandi Strickler, Brand Manager at Leland. “Camira pulled together coordinating textiles based on Leland’s Harmonics colors to enhance the offering”

Since textiles are specified on almost every Leland order, this colorful collaboration was a perfect match. The textiles give our Harmonics an aesthetic burst, plus the quality and durability you can expect from a Leland design.

If you love color, there’s a lot to love about Harmonics..