ITEMdesignworks – Javier Cuñado

With a professional background of more than 30 years always linked to the world of creation, Javier Cuñado has received national and international training. He studied Industrial Engineering in Bilbao and later graduated in Product Design at Ravensbourne College of Design, in London. The fusion of both disciplines, Engineering and Design, has provided him with a unique vision that he shapes in his works and which are characterized by breathing: creativity, knowledge and technology, and functionality.

In 1988, Javier Cuñado founded Item Design, in which for twenty years he has developed his creativity and technical knowledge to make product development projects in practically all fields of industrial design unique and viable.
His permanent concern to be closer and committed to anticipation and vision of the future, lead him to create in January 2008, ITEMdesignworks, company that uses Creativity, Knowledge and Experience to propose “Smart Products”.

Javier Cuñado is a person committed to the creation of innovative proposals, whose objective is to generate new experiences that create emotional bonds in people and solve their needs, through creativity and technology.